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Angela Castle
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A luxurious dining experience​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
Delicious Food

in the heart of the Old Town

    A stunning boutique restaurant where gourmet Mediterranean cuisine meets the beauty and charm of the Old Town.  A nice place with an old-timey feel, the restaurant is situated in a house where ​​
fish were sold as early as the 18th century. Welcome to Angela Castle!

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Old-timey feel
Eat as a King under the lights of candles in a unique and romantic ambiance, charming and elegant in the tradition of old. 
Relaxing ambience
Relish in a relaxed and friendly ambience, served with bites of wonderful lounge music.
Discreet luxury
Idyllic garden!
Choose from a unique variety of fine local wines and create flavor-enhancing pairings for your food menu.
Relax at a stately-home style courtyard tucked away behind stone walls and enjoy a romantic launch in the surrounds of bougainvilleas and colorful flowers.
To enter Angela Castle is to enter another world.  The place preserves most of its Medieval aura with the old decorative elements including antiques and vintage lamps from another epoch.  Now it happens to be a a restaurant, but anyone with imagination can't help but be isnpired by the history of the place where florious Knights were living here!
Enjoy an unforgettable dining experience. Angela Castle is adored and remembered by our customers for the excellent food, the stunning décor and the peaceful ambience unlike the fast paced environments.
Great food, great atmosphere, great time!